Frequently asked questions about Cloudnium

Looking for answers to your questions? We have you covered and hope to add more as we expand. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us directly to get the exact questions answers you are looking for. 

How do can we help small business owners grow in their online presence?

Our goal is to connect directly with each client coming on to customize the best possible option for their company. Our team will take the time to help pick the right location and hardware needed to help speed up performance and profit the most on what they have leased.

Why is a website important for my business?

Your company today can not afford to be online and those businesses that don't have a custom domain or website are being left behind and missing out on orders and potential orders going to their competitors. Don't miss out! Join us today and see how we can help you grow.

Why choose a VPS to host my website or services with vs. a full server?

Most applications and or websites don't need a full server to host from. It's actually wasting your company money and potential benefits such as snapshots, backups and recovery time.

What makes us different from other hosting providers?

The biggest difference is our desire to provide you the client with the best possible hardware to price ratio along with our ever growing desire to help the clients grow. Jump on our live chat to see how we can help you today.

Why should we switch from our current MSP to Cloudnium?

Cloudnium saw a growing need with its small business owners lacking support not only at a server level but within their offices. Our team members saw a lack of support for thos smaller companies with high pricing to blame from other providers. Small business simply can't afford to pay thousands of dollars per month or even hire more staff. Contact us today if you have further questions or needs. 

What if I'm not in your coverage area?

Please don't let our current locations deture you from contacting us. We are more than happy to expand our coverage area and support you and your team. We are currently working on project in the entire south east United States and with companies that have multiple location as their remote support team.

Residential or Personal use. (Kids/Elderly)

With the ever growing danger of kids and online preditors Cloudnium wanted to help parents protect their kids. We offer tools and services to help parents monitor and protect their kids. We also found the need to help protect those loved ones that can't keep up with the growing threats but still need technology. 

Software / Development services?

Yes, Cloudnium now offers software development along with other development projects. Contact us today for more information and specific questions.