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Data Center management and consulting is a key role when running and managing a facility.
Our collective group has experience in data center design, support, monitoring and security.
Looking to have your facility monitored and supported 24/7? We have you covered.

Our in house DCM and NOC provide the perfect team to keep your clinets and facility online.
Contact us today for more inforation and a personal quote.

Building New Facilities or Repurposing old buildings Let Cloudnium and our team help.

Our stratigic partners that we have developed relationships with combined bring the best team around when it comes to data center managemnet and design. Our combined knowlege of local government and facility know how will bring you and your invested money the best product we can no matter the location. We are currently in works with three data center properties providing (Security, NOC support, RH, Onsite Electricians and HVAC as well as our own DCM software). Come find out how we can bring your vision of a data center / hyperscale facility to life. 

DCM <br> Data Center Management Software
Data Center Management Software
Onsite 24/7 <br> Remote Hands <br> Security
Onsite 24/7
Remote Hands
On-call or On-site <br> Electritians <br> HVAC team
On-call or On-site
HVAC team
Data Center <br> Design <br> Management <br> Consulting
Data Center
DCM - Data Center Management Software

Our DCM is built by those that have worked in a data center.
DCM by Cloudnium will help build and support your environment from the go.

Our DCM is a module based solution which can be customized to meet any clients needs. We have built it with Colocation/Hosting companies in mind and for their specific needs. This product not only will help us and your team stay orginized but it'll also allow us to safely track your clients services across your network.
It can manage and track across multiple locations and facilites.
Our colocation management module allows us to build a layout of your data center and each cabinet and crac unit on the floor. We can also setup and manage either multiple floors and locations or both. Tired of keeping excel sheets for managing and tracking your cabinets and hardware? Check out our DCM today or ask how we can help manage your facility.
We understand how important it is to track clients and how they impact your company. Our CRM is built specifically for data centers and how it directly impacts our business. If you are looking for something specific in your DCM from Cloudnium we can modify it and update it for you. Please let us know how we can help you and your company grow.
Ever get tired of tryign to track all your clients VPS's or where you have them hosted or the Hypervisor and account information associated to your clients or your VPS's? Let our DCM help clear that off your plate.
IP Management across any environment is key and if you aren't managing your subnets your entire network could be in trouble. Let our DCM / IP Manager help control and track your subnets. We currently help companies support over 100+ /24's across our network.
Hosting Dedicated Servers across multiple locations or in a single location? Our solution can help provide a map of each clients server and it's location down the the U space. We also have IP assignment and detection to each server.
Cloudnium is pleased to announce that we now have the ability to monitor all devices directly from our DCM. Everything from VPS, Dedicated Servers, Network gear we can monitor it.
Next Gen Facilites

Next Data Center for your company

Data Center New Construction

Looking for Data Center space in Fort Worth, Texas or another city across Texas and United States? Let Cloudnium help save you and your company money. Not only will we bring the team to locate the land, funding, construction we will also provide the continuing facility management. Our skilled team can provide potential local public savings with TID/TIFS and other Green Energy cost savings. Then let our team of experts provide 24/7 support onsite and from our remote NOC with a fully supported security environment. Our new facility construction is quick and typically can be completed within 6 to 12 mo. depending on permits etc. 

Data Center Excisting Building

Looking at an excisting building in your area and looking to potentially turn it into a functioning data center? Let Cloudnium and our team help location power in your area, Internet providers and more.  We also have contacts for low cost savings on hardware and other gear that can save you potentially millions in construction cost.  Contact us today to learn more.

Future Investment

Funding Goals & Support

Looking for potential funding or development savings while construction your next data center or new project? Let our team help locate funding and local cost saving options.
Not ready to spend millions of dollars per MW or on HVAC? Or tired of finding pricing on Cabinets and Security solutions that will cost you potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars? Let us locate and provide you with the best pricing around.
Support / NOC Services
Is your current team not cutting it? Are you tired of hiring team members to have them leave for another position? Let Cloudnium bring our team of experts in and provide you with a Tier I support/noc experience. You pay a one time set fee per year and we provide the teams that will support your facilites 24/7.
Funding Needs
Funding Needs

We are in talks with investors looking to fund $125M
expandable to $500M to complete our projects.

Current & Potential

Current & Potential Data Center Projects

FTW-1 (120,000sqft)
RTC - 40MW
15 Potential Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)
FTW-2 (400,000sqft)
T&P - 120MW
20+ Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)
FTW-3 (60,000sqft)
4 Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)
FTW-4 (53,000sqft)
S.Hulen - 3MW
6 Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)
FTW-5 (30,000sqft)
McCart - 4MW 8 Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)
FTW-6 (35,000sqft)
Altamesa - 2MW (Current)
4 Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)
Vernon-1 (500,000sqft)
Vern-1 - 300MW
6 Providers (Dark Fiber Available)
Willow Park-1 (20,000sqft)
WP-1 - 1MW (Potential 3MW)
3 Providers
(Dark Fiber Available)