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Developement for the future of technology. Multi-site projects across Texas and other states.
IXP / Hyperscale / Colocation facilites allowing for growth of AI and hosting companies alike.

Building Facilities for Your Data for Any User, Anytime, Anywhere

Building technology for the future of Fort Worth / Dallas, Texas. Leading the path forward for the future of our kids and tomorrow. Meeting the demand while centerally locating the technology facilites of tomorrow. Looking to invest or a home to host your infrustructure contact Cloudnium today to learn more.

Space to Grow
Space to Grow
Bandwidth of plenty
Bandwidth of plenty
Data Center space
Data Center space
Expandable space
Expandable space
Consulting and Development

We are Development Company
With Extensive Know How and vision.

Next Gen Facilites

Supercharge Hosting With a new Data Center

Data Center Space

Data Centers in the Fort Worth / Tarrant county area are set in far north Fort Worth and far East of Tarrant county. This lease a major gap in need for the inner loop of 820 for public data center space. We have the vision and the plan to build the next major Colocation/AI hub in all of Texas. This facility will have it's own power sub-station, it's own IXP and over 1.2 million sqft of current space and ability to expand to an additional 600,000 + square feet in the future. We also have plans to have pre-built generator pads allowing for each major anchor to have it's own 2 to 12 generators along with smaller pads for our inner colocation suites to house their own generators.


Contact us today and learn how you can join in on this massive project shapping the future of Fort Worth, Texas.

Power & Bandwidth

These new facilities will allow for more than 300MW and up to 5+GW of power. This would allow for any AI, Colocation or Mining operation enough power to expand and continue to grow into the future. 

The bandwidth of up to 80Tbps is an amazing opprotunity for any Carrier and surrounding business to leverage the large amount of internet that would flow through this facility. Thus making it one of the largest carrier hotels in the United States.

Future Investment

Our Funding Goals & Development

Our goal is to raise $125M to $500M to purchase / complete this project. This includes complete build out and start of all space within the mall. Future options for 600,000 square feet to build onsite are possible.
The IXP deployment will require 20 to 30 providers from multiple paths across the metroplex and Fort Worth, Texas. Our vision would be to use Juniper MX2020's and Junipers as our core routers/switches across the network. We are currently in talks with Juniper.
Our options will range from 1U of colocation to 120,000+ Square feet of space. This can include 1Amp to 1GW of power + as needed to support your needs. Each company joining this project will have access to the IXP and it's providers allowing for cheaper connectivity and direct routes out of the metroplex. If you or your company is in need of more specific specs we can meet and discuss these as the project completes.
Funding Needs
Funding Needs

We are in talks with investors looking to fund $125M
expandable to $500M to complete our project.